[Watch Video] Chris Gayle Turns Back Clock With Massive Sixes in Indian Veteran Premier League

Legendary West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle made a thunderous arrival at the Indian Veteran Premier League, marking his presence with towering sixes that echoed his vintage prowess.

Leading the Telangana Tigers, Gayle’s charisma electrified the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida on Sunday morning.

Despite Gayle’s absence in the initial matches, his team managed to hold their ground under the leadership of Dilshan Munaweera. However, it was Gayle’s entry that sparked anticipation, and fans were eager to witness the ‘Universe Boss’ in action.

In their second match against Rajasthan Legends, Gayle’s Telangana Tigers clinched victory by a narrow margin of one run, showcasing their competitive spirit. But Monday saw a different narrative unfold as Gayle’s team suffered a setback against VVIP Uttar Pradesh, facing defeat by 45 runs.

Nevertheless, it was Gayle’s performance that stole the spotlight, as he turned back the clock with colossal sixes that left spectators in awe. His formidable presence on the field not only bolstered Telangana Tigers’ morale but also added an element of excitement to the league.

Gayle’s participation in the Indian Veteran Premier League not only signifies his enduring passion for the game but also serves as a nostalgic treat for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

[Watch] Chris Gayle Turns Back Clock with Massive Sixes In Indian Veteran Premier League

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