“Today my beautiful daughter Amani turns 10!” – Businessman Azruddin Wishes Daughter a Happy Birthday

Azruddin Mohammed, a member of Team Mohammed, is a well-known and much-loved businessman and philanthropist who has touched the lives of countless people across Guyana.

Azruddin Mohammed’s daughter Amani was diagnosed with Rett syndrome, a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that affects brain development, from the age of 4.

Azruddin Mohamed had a birthday message for his daughter Amani. It is shown below.

“Today my beautiful daughter Amani turns 10!”

“You, my love, are nothing short of a precious gift that I cherish dearly. There’s something unique about a father-daughter love and ours is even more special.”

“When the Almighty gave you to me, He already knew I needed you, that you’d be one of my greatest blessings as you’d help teach me many valuable lessons, patience and humility.”

“Your disability changes nothing, if anything, you were sent as a light in this world to inspire hope. Your smile lights up any room and the innocence of your love makes us all incredibly lucky to have you. While you may not be able to enjoy some earthly treasures, I take comfort in knowing you’ll enjoy great splendor in the hereafter.”

“I pray the Almighty guides you as you fulfill your purpose with good health, strength and positivity.”

“Heartfelt, sincere THANK YOU to these aunties who help to raise you and take care of you as their own; Safia, Susan, Dolly, Devi, and Shavanie.”

“Happy Birthday to you! Another great year for you! There is no one, no one like you! We love you!”

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