“If I am asked then obviously I would consider it” – The former CWI president is considering resuming the post under several circumstances.

Former west Indies cricket chairman Dave Cameron told Sportmax. TV that the leadership of the regional governing body would consider another bid under suitable conditions.

He was a director of the West Indies Cricket Board between 2002 and 2019 and later in 2013 he was elected as the Chairman of Cricket West Indies. However, leading the CWI was very difficult for him.

His tenure was marred by controversies and clashes with several West Indies players, and he lost the presidency in 2019 to former West Indies manager Ricky Skerritt.

picture source: Twitter

However, the Skerritt administration is currently being criticized by many fans and scholars. The reason for that is the poor performance of the West Indies team in the limited overs. They have lost 12 matches and won only 07 matches in the last 20 T20 matches they played. Also, in the last 20 ODIs, they have been successful only four times. (3Ned, 1Nz)

In an interview with sports max TV, there was a discussion about whether Cameron would consider another presidency. There he mentioned,

“The first time I ran for a cricket office was 2013 for president of Cricket West Indies. Prior to that my work was what put me forward and persons would come and say we need your help here or we believe you can lead here and there.”

He stated that if he receives an invitation to take over the position of chairman again, he will consider it under several circumstances and explained those circumstances as follows.

“If I am asked then obviously I would consider it but it would be under different circumstances and the situation is that we would have to find a way to get everybody in agreement because what you don’t want is the fragmentation of the boards, the issues, it’s very difficult.”

Commenting further, 51-year-old Cameron said that West Indian cricket is a challenging task. He further described it as follows.

“To be honest, West Indies cricket is very difficult. It’s difficult to organize. You’re talking about 16 different countries, different parishes, different views, different races, all those things play a significant role and it’s the challenge we have in the CARICOM.”

He also gave some solutions to remove the confusion in regional cricket.

“My view is that a merit-driven system is what works.”


“As a region, full of talent, very bright people let us try and focus on a merit-based system, get the best people in all the areas and I think we will start seeing success.”

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