Guyanese businessmen Mohamed provides financial aid to struggling mother to expand food business – Read full story here!

A Guyanese businessman Mohamed provides financial aid for struggling mother to expand food business.

Supatra Abraham aka “Sue” formerly of Santa Rosa Moruca, North West District (NWD), a mother of three resides in Charlotte Street, Georgetown with her teenage daughter.

Being employed in the malaria department of the Georgetown Public Hospital, her meagre salary is just enough to pay bills, ensure food is on the table and send her daughter to school.

Ms. Abraham, however, was given an eye-opener when her daughter, one morning asked, why they were so poor.

With a feeling of disappointment and disdain, she realised that she must do something to better her living conditions so that her daughter could have a comfortable life.

As such, one month ago, she made a post on Facebook Market Place offering her services in puri and roti making. On that very day, she secured her first order and since then, her clientele has been growing.

She wakes up at 2:00h daily to ensure that her orders are ready for pickup at 6:00h after which she heads off to work from 8:00h to 16:00h and returns home to prepare for the next morning.

To date, she makes about 100 roti and puri each for her clients.

However, her story has caught the attention of Mr. A. Mohamed who decided to pay a visit to Ms. Abraham during which he offered his assistance to expand her business.

The businessman was very much impressed at how she faced her challenges with the main aim of turning her life around for the better.

This, he noted is a testimony that single mothers have what it takes to turn the negatives into positives and make a life for themselves and their children.

People should never give up on dreams or great ideas, sometimes you just need that one person to believe in you and your dreams can become reality so don’t be afraid to make that start, to take that leap, for a successful future you have to start now.

As such, he congratulated Ms. Abraham and wished her continued success in the future.

Those who wish to place an order for puri and roti can contact Ms Abraham on telephone number, 708-4609.

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