“You pack your bags, you’re going home” – Dwayne Bravo on the infamous airplane gesture

West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard announced the end of his 15-year international career a few days ago. At the farewell, he has taken 4275 runs and taken 97 wickets in 224 international matches.

There is always some friction when Bravo and Pollard play against each other. It has led to many highly competitive as well as exciting comedy-related events. In a video released by CSK Franchise in El Clasico, IPL, it was stated as follows.



“Some stats came up and I was asked who was the player I dismissed the most among the 500 T20 wickets, and I did not know. Then it so just happened to be Pollard.”

Thirty-eight-year-old Bravo further commented:

“I always look forward to that clash, called the El Clasico of the IPL and I look forward to it now and I look forward playing against my best friend, Polly.”

Both of them played for Mumbai in 2010 and 2011 Bravo was bought by CSK. An unforgettable event between the two took place during the IPL 2012 Eliminator. Explaining the incident, Bravo,


“In that particular season, CSK was struggling to qualify and MI had already qualified. I remember, we needed two teams to lose in order for us to qualify, and we had played our last game in Delhi. So, I was in my hotel and Pollard sent me a text message and said, ‘pack your bags, you’re going home. So, at that time, Ithere is nothing I could have done.”

Explaining further, the all-rounder said,

“We happened to qualify and we had to play Mumbai Indians in the knockouts. So, we fly to Bangalore, and then we bat first and after I got Pollard out, it was then I made the gesture, you pack your bags, you’re going home.”

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