When Michael Holding Ridiculed IPL, Denied It As ‘Serious Cricket’ – Check full Story!

In an unvarnished critique that had shocked the cricketing community, former West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding had once delivered a scathing assessment of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the biggest T20 league worldwide.

Holding, renowned for his razor-sharp commentary and deep understanding of the game, has notably steered clear of the IPL commentary box-a decision that has puzzled many, given the league’s stature and global following.

Michael Holding swung hard at the IPL’s glitzy extravaganza and its impact on cricket.

During a candid interview with the Indian Express in June 2021, Michael Holding didn’t mince words when discussing his absence from the IPL’s commentary team.

Holding went on to express his concerns over the proliferation of T20 tournaments around the globe, labelling them as a “bane of the game.”

He pointed out the economic disparities that compel players from less affluent cricketing nations to gravitate towards lucrative T20 leagues.

The cricket legend didn’t hold back in his criticism of cricket administrators either, accusing them of paying lip service to the longest format of the game while chasing the financial windfalls offered by T20 cricket.

According to Holding, this shift in focus undermines the traditional format, particularly impacting nations like the West Indies.

Although Holding called time on his commentary career in September 2021, his views ignited a debate on the essence of cricket and the impact of commercial interests on its traditional formats.

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  1. He like any other must form their own opinion on the matter.
    The merit behind his decision can be seen. Giving the smaller nations their fair share would help.
    Working for a salary that only can manage your affairs for only 3 months per year compared to a salary of one year can carry you for 5. 6, 7 years is more lucrative


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