“We’ve to look at our structure” – Phil Simmons express reasons behind their poor showing in the T20 World Cup

The mighty West Indies were knocked out in the first round of the 2022 World Twenty20 series. Poor batting as well as poor management decisions were the main reasons for the two-time world champions to return home early.

Head coach Phil Simmons said after the match that his West Indies side “didn’t turn up” after Friday’s game and it was back to the drawing board after losing the crucial third match of the preliminary round to Ireland.

“We started well with the bat, but we just didn’t continue. I think when you sum it up, we were outplayed in all departments today. They bowled well. We batted well at the start but didn’t carry on, and they just batted well and batted us out of the game.” he said

The head coach said that everyone worked hard and there was full preparation for the tournament. However, he further mentioned that the players did not do the right things in the tournament.

“We’ve worked hard. We’ve prepared well. It’s just on the day, we haven’t done the correct things. We haven’t assessed the situation properly of the day and done what’s necessary for the situation.”

“I don’t think there was disrespect on our part. We prepared like if we were playing anyone else.” he added

Reflecting on West Indies’ top-flight collapse, Simmons said the batsmen did not add value to their potential.

“We have the batsmen, the capabilities, we just haven’t been putting it together. Our bowlers are showing up nine out of 10 times, but the batters haven’t really shown up.”

Also, West Indies coach Mr. Phil Simmons, who commented further, said that we should come back and look carefully at the structure and the way we play the game.

“We’ve got to go back and look at our structure and how we play the game and make sure that when we come to competitions and when we play in bilateral series we are ready and able to do what’s necessary for each situation of the game.” west indies head coach concluded

West Indies had on Monday lost their opening Group B qualifier to Scotland by 42 runs, leaving them needing to beat both Zimbabwe and Ireland in order to reach the Super 12s.

However, while they defeated Zimbabwe by 31 runs on Wednesday, Ireland proved too much for the two-time former champions.

Last year, West Indies also endured a chastening campaign at the 2021 T20 World Cup when they lost four of five first-round games to miss out on the semi-finals.

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