West Indies vs England, 3rd T20I : Romario Shepherd believes they can win the series

The 3rd game of the T20I series between West Indies and England will be played on January 26 at Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados. Meanwhile, Romario Shepherd, who has excelled in the 2nd match, at a pre-match press conference spoke about forthcoming T20 matches in the Series and how he built his innings in the 2nd game.

Shepherd hit 44 not out from 28 balls from No. 7 to take West Indies within one run of England’s total, adding 72 off 29 in an unbroken ninth-wicket stand with Akeal Hosein.

“When I went out, the coach told me to take a few balls,” he explained. “Then when I got out there the ball was spinning and Rashid got me. I was like one off six balls, one off seven balls, so I was kind of on the back foot.

“When I saw Liam come on for his first over, I said to myself I would try and take him down. I hit him for two sixes in that over so that gave me a push-start there. Eventually I started flowing better at the crease.

“It plays with your mind to see that one side is very short and one side is very long. Eventually when Jordan came in that over, I had no choice but to try and take on the long boundary. I know as long as I hit them well, the boundary don’t matter.”

Hosein hit three fours and two sixes off Saqib Mahmood’s final over to keep the game tense until the final ball, but was aggrieved that Mahmood’s first legitimate ball was not given as a wide, having appeared to reach him past the tramline. But Shepherd said that Joel Wilson, the umpire, was “only human” and that West Indies were more concerned about a sloppy night in the field than his decision making.

“I told Akeal: ‘don’t worry about it, you can hit the next couple for six and he can bowl a no-ball or another wide,'” Shepherd said.  “The umpire missed that one, but he’s just human hopefully he can correct his mistake in the upcoming games. I think that was a wide but he didn’t think so.” he added

“Yesterday (Sunday) was a total off-day: we didn’t field well, we didn’t catch well. Those are some of the little things that us last night: we could have got them down to less than 170 but we fielded poorly.”

“It must be frightening for other teams to know that our No. 10 batsman can do that,” he said. “For us, it’s a very big confidence booster for us to know that we bat this deep. We showed how well we can bat and we can get ourselves out of a situation from nowhere.

As well as, Commenting on the forthcoming matches of the tournament, he said that they should work to overcome the shortcomings of the second match so that they can win the tournament.

“We just need to focus a little more on the powerplay and the middle phase, because the back end will take care of itself. We have a lot of power at the back end. We have to continue to work and hopefully we can pull off something special and win this series.”

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