West Indies Set To Miss Champions Trophy 2025 As ICC Confirms Qualification Criteria

As the cricketing world eagerly anticipates the 2025 Champions Trophy, there’s a burning question on the minds of many fans and enthusiasts because of can the West Indies, once a cricketing powerhouse, secure a place in this 2025 Champions Trophy tournament? The answer is a disappointing one, as the path to the Champions Trophy seems to be firmly closed for them.

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), the top seven teams from the World Cup 2023 group table alongside the host nation will make it to the Champions Trophy 2025.

It clearly states that the likes of Bangladesh and England who are standing on the edge of elimination may not qualify for the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025 as they are standing at the ninth and tenth spot in the points table.

The English team have lost four games out of five they have played so far and are struggling at the bottom of the points table with just 2 points.

Bangladesh on the other hand started their World Cup 2023 campaign on high as they defeated Afghanistan by six wickets on October 7 in Dharamsala.

Ever since then, things have become really difficult for them as they lost back-to-back five games are reeling and may miss out on the qualification.

Teams like West Indies and Zimbabwe will also be missing out on the chance to qualify for the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025 as they failed to make it into the ODI World Cup 2023 main event. This scenario extends beyond Bangladesh and England.

The West Indies’ journey to this disappointing juncture has been a tale of missed opportunities and a changing landscape in international cricket.

Historically, the West Indies were a dominant force in the cricketing world, claiming victory in the inaugural World Cup tournaments in 1975 and 1979 and finishing as runners-up in 1983. However, their decline in recent years has been evident, and their absence in the 2023 ICC World Cup is a stark reminder of the transformation in the sport.

The West Indies’ struggles began when they failed to secure automatic qualification for the 2023 ODI World Cup. With the tournament featuring ten slots, eight were already reserved for teams based on their rankings, and India secured automatic qualification as the host nation. This left just two spots for qualifiers, a fiercely contested battle.

“Qualification for the ICC Men’s Champions Trophy 2025 is the host (Pakistan) plus the top seven teams in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 table at the conclusion of the event. This was approved by the ICC Board in November 2021”, an ICC spokesperson was quoted as saying to ESPNcricinfo.

Earlier, back in November 2021, the ICC said that a total of eight teams will take part in the Champions Trophy and the tournament will follow the structure of previous editions with two groups of four teams each, semi-finals and final.

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