West Indies Players Who Most career runs at each batting position in Tests

West Indies played their first Test match on 23.06.1928. windies has played 560 games since 1928 and won 178 matches. 204 matches have been lost and 177 matches have ended in a draw. So far 327 players have played for the West Indies Test team.

The West Indies have had a number of talented Test cricketers in the past. Some of them are Chandrapul, Lara, Greenidge, Richardson, Holder, Sobers, Walsh.

Most Runs by batsmen in each batting position of the West Indies test team so far. They are :


01. Gordon Greenidge (1974 – 1991)

Greenidge can be described as a batsman with very high Technically. Who learned solid defensive techniques on the pudding pitches pf his childhood in England and then allied them to an caribbean heritage

He has played 182 innings as a opening batsman. He scored 7488 runs and included 19 centuries. His Economy stands at 45.11.

02. Desmond Haynes (1978 – 1994)

He is one of the few players to score a century in Maiden ODIs. In June 2021 he was inducted into the ICC HALL OF FAME.

Haynes, who started the innings with Greenidge, scored 7422 runs in 201 innings. He has also scored 18 centuries. The average is 42.45.

Number 3:  Richi Richardson (1983 – 1995)

Richardson is a devastating batsman. He was usually regularly contacted for 06s. Richi Richardson is the highest run scorer for the West Indies at No. 3.

He has played at No. 03 in 107 innings. He has scored 4711 runs with 11 centuries. The average is 47.11.

Number 4: Brain Lara (1990 – 2006)

Lara is the highest run scorer in an innings in Test history. That was 400 not out. He is one of the greatest Batsman in the world.

He played 148 innings at No. 04 and scored 7535 runs. He has 24 centuries and averages 51.26.

Number 5: Shivnarine Chanderpaul (1994 – 2015)

Topping the list for most runs scored at three down in Tests is West Indies’ legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul. An unorthodox batting stance and a temperament enough to drain opposition bowlers saw the southpaw accumulate 6,883 runs @ 56.42 across 151 innings at this position.

In fact, unlike the first four names on this elite list, Chanderpaul’s runs got distributed at different positions as it was only after a certain point in his career that he was slotted at number five. In all, he went on to register 11,867 runs @ 51.37, including 30 scores of hundred plus, 19 of which came at this position.

Number 06 : Garfield Sobers (1954 – 1974)

Cricket has excelled in every aspect of the sport, and very few people today would argue that he is not the best all-rounder ever. His strong style was marked by all his strikes.

Sobers, who played No. 06 in 57 innings, scored 2614 runs with 08 centuries. The average is 53.35

Number 07 : Jeff Dujon (1981 – 1991)

Jeff is a very talented wicket keeper and a low order batsman. Dujon is the No. 7 most run scorer for the West Indies in test cricket.

He scored 2213 runs in 69 innings and included 04 centuries. The average is 33.54

Number 08 : Jason Holder * (2014 )

Currently Jason is the number one all-rounder in the world. Jeson Holder is one of the most talented all-rounders in the West Indies squad. he can score and get Wicket any time.

Jason Holder is the highest scoring batsman at No. 08. He scored 1404 runs in 53 innings and scored two centuries at No. 08. The average is 32.65.

Number 09 : Curtly Ambrose (1988 – 2000)

The rarely-spoken giant Ambrose is another best product of the Caribbean.

He has scored 973 runs in 97 innings in No. 09. This is the highest scoring player for the West Indies in No. 09. The average is 12.01.

Number 10 : Wesley Hall (1958 – 1969)

He was a very tall, strong and powerful fast bowler. A genuine fast bowler, Hall has played 48 Tests for the West Indies.

He Has played 41 times in the No.10 spot 462 runs have been scored there. The average is 14.90.

Number 11 : Courtney Walsh (1984 – 2001)

He is a talented fast bowler and has been best known for his outstanding starting bowling relationship with Ambrose over the years.

Walsh, who was played No. 11 in 122 innings, scored 553 runs. It was the highest score by a West Indies batsman in the No. 11 innings. The average is 7.47


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