West Indies’ highest Test wicket-takers – Check Top Players list Here

The longest match in cricket is Test cricket. The name Test comes from the fact that the sport is considered as a measure of strength and efficiency between two teams.

The world’s first official Test match was played in 1877. That was between Australia and England. This was held in Turnbull, Australia. Australia won the match by 45 runs. However, England won the second match by 04 wickets and drew 1-1. Since then, players and nations have set various records in Test cricket. Among them, the highest number of wicket takers in Test cricket is in the lead. Muralitharan takes most Test wickets (800) in world Shane Warne is second so far.

Historically, the West Indies have always been a powerhouse in all three formats of the game. They have won two 50-over Cricket World Cups, two World T20s and ruled Test cricket for over 20 years. They have had quality batsmen and spinners but a number of the best West Indies bowlers are recognised as all-time greats by pundits and players alike. And so, it is there should be no surprise that this list contains only quick bowlers.

West Indies’ Courtney Walsh is the seventh highest wicket-taker in the world. The West Indies’ highest Test wicket-takers are:

01. Courtney Walsh (1984-2001)

West Indies’ Walsh is first on the list. He has taken 519 wickets in 132 matches. Walsh took 07 wickets for 37 runs in an innings and 13 wickets for 55 runs in one match. It was the best bowling of his innings and match He has an average of 2.53 per game. He has also taken 22 five-wicket hauls and 03, 10-wicket hauls in a match.

02. Curtly Ambrose (19988-2000)

Ambrose had taken 405 wickets in 98 matches. Walsh took 08 wickets for 45 runs in an innings and 11 wickets for 84 runs in one match. It was the best bowling of his innings and match He has an economy of 2.30 per game. He has also taken 22 five-wicket hauls and 03, 10-wicket hauls in a match.

Arguably the best fast bowler in the 1990’s, Curtly Ambrose was a menacing sight for batsmen. When it was his day, there was nothing opponents could do. His spell of 7-1 at Perth in 1992/93 was devastating and it blew Australia away. In fact, the West Indies haven’t beaten Australia in a series since and haven’t drawn a series against them post Ambrose’s retirement.

He could land the ball on a sixpence and gave nothing away with the ball. His bounce allowed him to pitch the ball much further, extracting subtle seam movement consistently. Ambrose represented West Indies between 1988 and 2000.

03. Malcolm Marshall (1978-1991)

Marshall has played 81 matches in which he has taken 376 wickets in 151 test innings. His best bowling performance was 07 for 22 in one innings and 11 for 89 in a match. also, he had taken 22 five-wicket hauls and Four 10-wicket hauls.

Malcolm Marshall is number one on our list of “Best West Indies bowlers of all-time.” He was a complete fast bowler in every single way. He wasn’t a tall man but was incredibly skilled. Marshall could move the ball both ways at high pace. A number of batsmen during his era dubbed him as the hardest bowler to face. He had a skiddy bouncer that was always at batsmen, and it was very hard to duck.

He averaged 23 or below against every country that he played against in Test match cricket. England was his favorite opponent. He picked up 127 wickets against them at a bowling average of just 19. Overall, Marshall picked up 376 Test wickets in just 81 games. His strike rate of 47 is amongst the very best in Tests. He played 136 ODI’s for the Windies, taking 157 wickets in those games.

04. Lance Gibbs (1958-1976)

Lance Gibbs has taken 309 wickets in 79 matches. his best bowling of his innings and match Which he took 08 wickets for 38 runs in the inning and 11 wickets for 157 runs in that match.  He has an economy of 1.98 per game. He has also taken 18 five-wicket hauls and Two 10-wicket hauls in a match.

05. Joel Garner (1977-1987)

Standing at 2.03 meters tall, Joel Garner was a fearsome fast bowler for the West Indies. He was part of the famous quartet in the 1980’s. He extracted enormous bounce from most pitches, which is what made him deadly on any surface. He picked up 5 wickets in the 1979 Cricket World Cup final, to help the Windies win consecutive tournaments. He played 58 Tests, picking up 259 wickets in 111 innings. These came at bowling averages of 21.  Garaner taken 07 five-wicket hauls and no 10-wicket hauls in a match. Garner represented the West Indies between 1977 and 1987.

The list then went on to include players like Michael Holding, Garfield Sobers, Kemar Roch and Andy Robots respectively.

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