West Indies have a Best chance to winning the Twenty20 World Cup this year – Wisden

According to the Wisden website, One team has won the Twenty20 World Cup with both satisfactory and detrimental seasonal skills and accordingly the team has been named as the team most likely to win the Twenty20 World Cup.

According to the Wisden website, the West Indies have a better chance of winning the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup. In the letter they mentioned, the West Indies team was given third place. England have been named the second most likely team to win the Twenty20 World Cup this year. The article further notes the West Indies team.

“The defending champions enter the tournament with a formidable batting line-up, featuring some of the most accomplished cricketers in the format’s history. Their bowling attack is slightly weaker than their likely competitors for the title, but their extraordinary batting depth should make up for that to some degree.” Team alignment according to the probability of winning the World Cup,

1. India 2. England 3. West Indies 4. Australia 5. Pakistan 6. New Zealand 7. Bangladesh 8. South Africa
9. Afghanistan 10. Netherlands 11. Sri Lanka 12. Scotland 13. Ireland 14. Oman 15. Namibia 16. Papua New Guinea

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