Watch Video – West Indies star Andre Russell promises Shah Rukh Khan to watch ‘Jawan’ after seeing the movie’s trailer

The world of entertainment and sports often intersects in delightful ways, showcasing the camaraderie that transcends boundaries.

Recently, West Indies star all-rounder Andre Russell sent waves of excitement through both cricket and cinema enthusiasts as he promised to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie, ‘Jawan,’ after being captivated by its trailer.

It is worth mentioning that Shah Rukh’s latest film ‘Jawan’ has taken the cinematic world by storm ever since its release on September 7 and has garnered immense admiration from audiences worldwide. The movie is captivating not only cinema aficionados but also members of the cricket fraternity.

Among all, Shah Rukh’s co-owned Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) franchise long-standing member Russell also saw Jawan’s trailer recently and expressed his eagerness to catch it on the big screen.

In a recent video posted by the KKR’s official account, Russell was captured enjoying the trailer of Shah Rukh’s ‘Jawan’. The all-rounder’s genuine excitement and admiration for the movie were palpable as he expressed his best wishes for the Indian actor after watching the film’s trailer.

Russell’s enthusiasm for the film was infectious as he shared his thoughts in the clip and confidently predicted that ‘Jawan’ would be a massive hit. He even promised Shah Rukh to watch it in the theatre as soon as possible.

“Wow, so he’s playing more than one role in this movie. So, I think it’s gonna be another hit movie. I definitely like the action, the little funny sides of Shah Rukh. So, you know, it’s just the trailer, just imagine watching the full movie. Hopefully, it’s showing in Guyana and we can all go and watch it,” said Russell.

“It looks like a proper action movie. Always has some beautiful ladies in his movies and good actors. The action also looks very very impactful. All guns out, fighting and all these things. Go well, All the Best SRK. As soon I get a chance, I will be in the theatres,” he added.

Here’s the video:

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