WATCH VIDEO: West Indies Players Forced to Load Luggage Onto a Pickup Truck Ahead of T20 Series vs Nepal

The West Indies A team will feature in a historic T20 series against Nepal, starting on April 27, Saturday.

The Caribbean unit has already reached Nepal for the five-match assignment. Upon touching down at the Kathmandu Airport, the visiting side received a cold reception as no special arrangements were made to welcome them.

In a video going viral on social media, players of the West Indies A team were seen loading their luggage and kits on a pickup truck.

Moreover, all the players and support staff of the West Indies A side boarded an ordinary tourist bus, which was parked outside the Airport. They even had to carry their baggage all by themselves.

After the clip went viral, questions were raised against the Nepal Cricket Board, which allegedly failed to provide minimum facilities to the cricketers.

A few media personnel, who were present at the airport, managed to capture the arrival of the West Indies A players.

The video has received mixed reactions from internet users. While some fans lashed out at the organisers, others did not find anything wrong in the gesture.

Referring to the ordinary luggage van, one user commented, “Not defending, I accept we could have managed it in this context but not a “poor welcome” to the West Indies team.”

Another individual reckoned that “Cricket is about more than just luxury for visiting teams, it’s about sportsmanship and giving every team a chance to play against.” The person also requested the International Cricket Council (ICC) to give teams like Nepal more opportunities to “play against top teams.”

A cricket enthusiast suggested that the Nepal cricket team must “focus on their game.” “Well done Nepal. Unlike some of your flashy neighbours, you guys keep it simple and awesome. Focus on the game. Others will always have comments,” read the comment.

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  1. Sports needs hospitality.
    I hope all the boys can cook and clean. Boys, please do not eat outside, I mean do not go to any restaurant.


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