“There’s consequences, for your actions.” Pooran opens up about Hetmyer dropped from World Cup after missing Aussie flight

ICC 2022 Twenty20 World Cup starts on 16th and West Indies have planned to play two Twenty20 matches against Australia before that. However, there is now confusion in the West Indies squad.

That was when Shimron missed the flight scheduled for him. Hetmyer was asked to reschedule his Australia trip due to a family matter and CWI had booked him a re-seat through Guyana on October 03, but his representative informed CWI that Hetmyer would not be able to arrive at the airport on time.

The CWI said in a statement that Brooks’ name had been unanimously decided by the selection committee as his replacement and that he would be sent to Australia as soon as possible.

When asked about Shimron Hetmyer, who was left out of the squad under mysterious circumstances on Tuesday after failing to board the flight from Guyana, skipper Nicholas Pooran did not offer any further details. 

“I just (don’t) want to give the media anything. A decision has been made. There are consequences, for your actions.” pooran said on Tuesday at the press conference ahead of the 1st T20 Againsts Australia

“We planned (to play) with him but unfortunately he’s not here and we have to plan differently now.” he added

Australia were almost halfway there initially and seven players involved in Saturday’s Caribbean Premier League final in Guyana had arrived on Monday evening after a series of marathon flights via New York and Dubai.

But Skipper will be hoping that the spirit of the squad can lift them and ensure that their World Cup campaign is not derailed from the start like last year.

2 thoughts on ““There’s consequences, for your actions.” Pooran opens up about Hetmyer dropped from World Cup after missing Aussie flight”

  1. Thid is total shit you all could have given the man ectra time because if they is a family issues the man wont lie remember hea his wife had a baby an he was playing cricket also so west indies cricket board could have given the player a lil more time

  2. How can you expect to be given “ a lil more time? What’s that supposed to mean.? The T20 organization should’ve waited and rescheduled the tournament because of one(1) West Indies player?

    All yuh mad awah?{not a question}!
    It’s unfortunate, yet, it seems this loss may or may not have caused friction within the team.
    Regardless of the loss and bacchanal about one arguably a talented player, As a West Indian native and fan/supporter. I will continue to rally with Deh windies!


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