“There always is some guy, last-minute putting up their hand that forces you to make a couple of changes” – Sammy confident in West Indies Team, encourages Saint Lucian support

Daren Sammy, has expressed unwavering confidence in the West Indies team as they gear up for the upcoming World Cup set for June.

Sammy emphasized the crucial role of local support in boosting the team’s morale and performance on the global stage.

Addressing the commencement of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Trophy Tour in Saint Lucia on April 19, Sammy emphasized the meticulous nature of the selection process for the West Indies squad.

He underscored that the team management has been vigilant in assessing players’ performances in recent months, aiming to maintain a strategic and well-informed decision-making approach.

He emphasized that the selection is not arbitrary but based on the consistent outing of individual members.

Sammy remarked, “I think everything we do, ever since I came on board, has a process to it. So the players, we would have given them opportunities over the last 14 months. What we could see last year is that we did not lose a T20 series…the exposure we’ve given, all the opportunities we’ve given to 22 players all over the last 14 months, we will select from that.”

Despite the rigorous selection process, Sammy acknowledged that last-minute calls may be necessary based on exceptional player performances.

He noted, “There always is some guy, last-minute putting up their hand and doing something extraordinary that forces you to make a couple of changes. But I’m quite happy with the way we’ve played.”

Underscoring the significance of the World Cup in the international cricket arena, Sammy urged Saint Lucians to rally behind the West Indies team and demonstrate their support as the tournament unfolds.

He emphasized the unique opportunity presented by hosting the World Cup in Saint Lucia, describing it as a chance to showcase the country as one of the premier destinations globally.

As part of the excitement surrounding the World Cup, multiple matches will be played in Saint Lucia, adding to the fervor of local cricket enthusiasts.

With Daren Sammy at the helm, the West Indies cricket team has secured victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup twice, triumphing in 2012 and 2016.

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