Team Mohamed’s spreads joy to 20,000 children across Guyana in unprecedent toy drive

In a heartwarming initiative, Team Mohamed’s is set to make a profound impact on the lives of over 20,000 nursery school children across Guyana through its toy drive.

This ambitious project aims to bring smiles to the faces of children in every public nursery school in all Administrative Regions, spanning from Crabwood Creek in Berbice to Karasabai in the Deep South Rupununi.

The project, which is the brainchild of reflects his strong desire to give back to the community and create moments of joy for the youngest members of society.

As the Christmas term approaches its conclusion, various teams from Team Mohamed’s will be dispatched across the country to distribute the toys to the eager children.

According to a statement by Team’s Mohamed, this year’s toy drive marks a significant milestone as it extends its reach to some of the most remote areas in Regions One, Seven, Eight, and Nine.
For the first time, children in these distant regions will experience the joy of receiving gifts during the festive season.

The distribution plan is comprehensive, with specific numbers allocated for each region: Region 1: 52 schools, benefiting 2,104 children; Region 2: 55 schools, reaching 1,899 children; Region 3: 64 schools, bringing joy to 3,661 children; Region 5: 36 schools, impacting 1,660 children; Region 6: 69 schools, spreading happiness to 3,582 children; Region 7: 34 schools, with 1,354 children benefiting; Region 8: 25 schools, bringing joy to 757 children; Region 9: 58 schools, reaching 1,829 children; Region 10: 40 schools, putting smiles on the faces of 1,834 children. “Team Mohamed’s extends best wishes to the teachers and children for a prosperous and enjoyable festive season,” the statement said.

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