“Sunil Narine has to take responsibility of picking wickets for KKR” – Lalchand Rajput

The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) have three wins in Seven matches of IPL 2022 and have produced average performances.

They have lost their last two league matches, with the opposition dominating them in a strong manner. Currently, they are featuring in their Eight league match against Delhi Capital (DC).

The former Indian cricketer Lalchand Rajput shared his views on the spin bowlers and batting order of the KKR team.

Rajput felt that one of the key reasons for the team’s lacklustre performances was the disappointing form of spinner Varun Chakaravarthy, who has been able to pick only four wickets in six appearances so far. Rajput reckoned that the batters have not been attacking Sunil Narine, and have instead opted to attack Chakaravarthy, who has been ordinary.

“In the middle-overs, Narine has to take responsibility, it becomes difficult for one bowler to contain runs because there has to be someone to complement him, and that link is missing this season with Chakaravarthy not firing. The batsmen are going after him, and not allowing him to settle down.

He has not been proficient with his lengths in pressure situations. In the last two games, they have been beaten by a good margin, and they have to look for other options to win the match,” said Rajput 

Sunil Narayan has played 08 matches for Kolkata in this tournament and he has taken 06 wickets. However, Narayan was able to reduce his wicket to a low score of 4 overs.

Rajput is also of the opinion that the batting order of the team should be changed. He stressed that Sheldon Jackson should start the innings with Aaron Finch and Venkatesh Iyer should play the role of the match finisher.

Rajput feels that Venkatesh Iyer is not at his best at the opening slot. He said that Venkatesh can bat at number five or number six and can play the role of the finisher, like he has done for the Indian team in the recent bilateral series against West Indies and Sri Lanka. Rajput further added that wicketkeeper-batter Sheldon Jackson can open with Aaron Finch.

“KKR is really struggling with the top order. I feel Venkatesh Iyer should bat in the middle-order, like the same role he has donned for the Indian team. Like he can come at five or six, and Sheldon Jackson can come at the top with Aaron Finch, and the role of finisher can be done well by Venkatesh Iyer,” Rajput added.

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