Sir Vivian Richards talks about Some players’ decision of “Unavailable to play for the West Indies”

Sir Vivian Richards thinks that previous experiences and problems with the board may have had a significant impact on some senior players’ decision to refuse the opportunity to play for the West Indies squad.

As well as, Sir Viv said It is time for all interested parties to get together in an effort to find a resolution for West Indies Cricket. Also, he said that he knows how prior interactions between the board and some players may have slightly strained their relationship.

“Guys sometimes try and make that particular decision in terms of what they want to do because they don’t feel that they are represented well enough on the left, and that’s why they will move to the right so it is pretty much troublesome knowing and hearing that from the coach, which means there are issues where these matters are concerned,” he said.

“There has got to be a meeting of all the individuals who participate and that’s the board and all the individuals they may believe to be in that particular lane where they do not want to play. They have to get these guys together and come to some sort of agreement because it is not good hearing that from the coach at this point which means there are issues and lots of things need to be addressed there,” he added.

Simmons stated in August that selectors will only have to look at individuals who make themselves available. West Indies has been without a number of their more seasoned or experienced players in the short format of the game for a while.

In response to Simmons’ comments, Jamaican all-rounder Andre Russell said that he was being “thrown under the bus.”

Sir Viv said players typically want to represent their “country” and that players must also remember that it was the regional team that helped to elevate them to international status.

“That’s always your first aim, for you to represent your country as a sports person and then, if you can move further up-field like representing the region, which is obviously the West Indies cricket team, and then expand elsewhere because if that’s what you’re looking for, then that’s the opportunity you’re looking for,” he said.

“Also, there are time when we should look at the lighter side of things where one has got to remember that it was the West Indies platform that obviously gave you an opportunity for you to expand yourself, and that without that inclusion at that particular time then where would you be, so you should have a little bit of respect for that as well,” the former player said.

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