Seals monitor England players’ weakness in Australia’s Ashes series

Twenty-year-old jayden Seals is the youngest player to take five Test wickets for the West Indies and was good enough to play in the first Test before playing in the first Class.

Everything is being prepared for the upcoming England Test series. The West Indies squad was named a few days ago. Accordingly, the Young Seals will bowl with Kemar Roch in this tournament.
Jayden Seals had commented at a press conference about preparing for the tournament. There he mentioned that he was training to target some of the strongest English players.

Seals bowl out swing the ball at 85-88 km / h with very good control, which allows him to take advantage of England’s Joe Root’s weakness. There he said.

“Do my plans to involve him that channel outside off stump? Yeah, of course. I’ll keep looking to swing the ball away, then bring one back.”

In addition, he said he watched Joy Root and Ben Stoke at the last Ashes tournament. He also said that if they were given a chance to bowl, they would be able to bowl to their weak points seen on TV.

“I’ve been watching Ben Stokes and Joe Root since the previous Ashes in Australia and, if I am given the chance to bowl against these guys, it will just be a matter of me remembering what I saw on the TV, working with my plans, bowling to their weaknesses and trying to force them out. “

He further stated:

“I always want to play against the best players in the world and so I’d have loved them to be a part of this. Anything I can learn from those who were playing before I even talked about the game, I’ll try to take on board.”

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