Rashid Khan Names His Top 5 Players In T20 Cricket, One West Indians Make The List

Afghanistan superstar Rashid Khan has been named one of the five best Twenty20 players in the world. His nomination included two Indian stars, a New Zealand star, and two West Indies and two South African players.
First on his list was Indian captain Virat Kohli, whom Rashid picked for his consistency across different playing conditions,

01 Virat Kohli

“Doesn’t really depend on the wicket, doesn’t matter whatever the wicket is, he is someone who is going to step up and perform,” Rashid said

02 Ken Williamson

Like Kohli, Ken is someone who has proven that there is more to big shots than just big shots on the field. sweet timer of the ball and an expert picker of gaps. Rashid said

03 Ab de villiers

“A destructive batsman, someone who can give you quick runs at any stage, any wicket, against any bowler and he can play any shot. As a captain, you will always love to have that batsman. ”

04 kieron pollard

No one has played more T20s than Pollard. Only Chris Gayle has scored more runs in the Twenty20 than Pollard. The same score came very fast with an attacking speed of 152 . He was also the first player to score 10,000 runs and take 300 wickets in T20I.

05 Hardik Pandya

Rashid Khan spoke of Pandya and Pollard, “These two will be my key (batters) who can chase 80-90 when I need them in the last four-five overs. They are the kind of batsmen who can do the job for you easily.”

“He (pandya) is a very good bowler in stressful situations. The ball ‘s contribution to Bangladesh’ s victory in the Twenty20 World Cup (2016) was outstanding.”

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