“People are saying he’s washed, I’m not going to go there. I think he’s a player who can reinvent himself.” – Ian Bishop on Kieron Pollard

Kieron pollard has some setbacks in this ipl edition. Pollard, who has played 11 games so far, has scored just 144 runs and This time his average is 14.40 and his strike rate is 107.46. Nearly a decade later, his strike rate in the IPL has dropped to less than 130.

Ian Bishop commented on Pollard during an interview with ESPNcricinfo, saying he wanted to redesign his game on his own because he had a future ahead of him.

“Pollard himself has to reinvent his game, however he chooses to do that, because he’s still got a future ahead of him we hope, People are saying he’s washed, I’m not going to go there. I think he’s a player who can reinvent himself.”

Bishop added.

“Is Pollard in that future? I suggest he is. I think we’ve had seasons before from him where he maybe hasn’t been on top of his game and he’s bounced back. So Pollard playing these last few games is critical, because I think he’ll be a critical part of the franchise going forward.”

Ian Bishop further commented,

“As a bowler, if you know that a guy is tentative, you know he’s out of form, you know you have the wood over him, then you’re very confident in executing whatever plans you have. When Pollard has been in his best form, I’ve seen him take apart some legspinners, I’ve seen him take apart some left-arm spinners.”

Pollard had previously played with the Pandya brothers in previous editions, but this time their absence was a big factor for him. Bishop believes he needs confidence and support.

“Kieron Pollard needs confidence; he’s not that type of guy – when you get on top of him, it’s harder for him to come out. He needs the confidence, he needs the backing, he needs a good start to the season.”

The bishop also believe Pollard was deeply concerned about his form.

“Pollard would be feeling disappointed, he’d be concerned with his form, he’d be trying to find a way, because he knows as well. We talk about Mumbai being loyal to him, he knows as well that while he has performed for them they continued to be loyal to him, and he would want to repay that faith. And I’m sure that he’s concerned about the fact that he hasn’t scored the volume of runs.”

He also said that pollard was a great man for the Mumbai Indians.

“As great a player as he has been for the Mumbai Indians, I’m telling you, 100%, that it has concerned him. He wants to – not prove the critics wrong, because there’s justification in some of the criticism of his form, it’s been obvious – but he’d want to show them that he still has it.”

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