National Geographic UK names Guyana as the 35 top tourist destinations for 2023

Guyana has been named among the Top 35 places to visit in 2023 by National Geographic UK.

The publication listed Guyana as the 13th best location for travelers to visit.

The 35 destinations were ranked in the following categories culture, nature, adventure, community and family.

According to National Geographic, while Guyana may be one of South America’s smaller nations, it packs a big punch for nature lovers.

Placing Guyana at #13 on the Top 35 travel list, the magazine also noted that Guyana’s Natural highlights range from jaguars stalking in the dense forests to giant anteaters on the savannahs, harpy eagles in the skies and the beautiful Kaieteur Falls.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority Kamrul Baksh, in response, said the feature is a culmination of the hard work being done by the government to position Guyana as a sought-after destination.

“It’s because of greater access that the government has been able to secure for Guyana, has made it to one of the top publications and we are very happy about that,” Baksh said.

He noted that in April’s edition of the publication, Guyana was also featured on multiple pages.

“We continue to ensure that all of the beauty of the tourism product is featured in multiple markets,” Baksh said.

To continue to promote Guyana, the country will also be represented in the upcoming world travel market in London.

“All around I believe it’s the efforts being made that have led to this wonderful news this morning,” the GTA Director added.

Baksh noted too that destination Guyana has been getting more interest from tourists.

“From reviews from tour operators that we are in constant contact with, they are getting a lot of traction, a lot of interest in the destination, people are enquiring a lot about the destination, for example with the recent BA (British Airways) announcement with the flights, tour operators who have never looked at destination Guyana are suddenly interested in coming to have an understanding of what is on offer,” he pointed out.

The Ministry of Tourism is preparing to launch a number of activities to celebrate Tourism Awareness month in November.

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