“My wife is my biggest coach” – Shimron Hetmyer give credit to his wife

West Indies batter Shimron Hetmyer has called his wife, Nirvani, his “biggest coach,” crediting her for his newfound patience while batting. The West Indian said Nirvani advised him to spend more time at the crease at the start of his innings, which has worked wonders.

Speaking to the media, Hetmyer attributed the turnaround to giving himself more time to assess the conditions.

When asked who inspired him to do that, the 25-year-old named his wife.

“For me, it’s just about giving myself a chance, really… For the first two years of my career, I wasn’t giving myself the chance to get set and have a base to work from…

But this year and last year I really thought I should start giving myself the chance just to see what the pitch is doing, give myself a couple of balls and then start hitting. And I think so far it’s been working for me.” He told to media¬†earlier

“Not that I could really remember. I probably got some of that from my wife because she’s probably my biggest coach. [And his harshest critic?] Yes most of the time, yeah! It was something we came up with…

She was like, ‘Just give yourself a couple of balls just to see what exactly is happening, and then even if you get out, we can say you have given yourself the chance.’ So it’s really something I’ve tried to bring into my game and so far it’s been alright.” Hetmyer added

“Too many things that I can register right now, to be honest. One thing I really want to learn is how to reverse sweep. I have tried and tried it in practice by I keep on getting hit rather than actually hitting the ball somewhere…

That and probably a better scoop as well. I think so far he’s been phenomenal to watch. I have really enjoyed looking at him from the outside. It’s even better when I am batting with him, it makes life much easier.” He said

2 thoughts on ““My wife is my biggest coach” – Shimron Hetmyer give credit to his wife”

  1. He has improved so much in his batting. Taking time in his shots, not slugging at everything coming to him. Keep it up Hettie, slowly and you are gonna be the Miracle we find.

  2. Congratulations to Hetmyer very proud of your wife being your coach,just remember woman is boss.Hope to see you continue your batting skills and much better.


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