Most Times All out For Less Than 200 in a Year

Tests can be seen as another form of cricket.  The spectators are also very fond of these Test matches. The longest match in cricket is Test cricket.  The name Test comes from the fact that the sport is considered as a measure of strength and efficiency between two teams.

Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan is the highest wicket-taker in Test history.  Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar is also the highest scoring player in the world.  Various records can be seen in the Test game.

The West Indies are the team with the most all Out in less than 200 runs in a year. That was in the year 2000.  The West Indies played 26 Test innings that year and were bowled out 14 times before crossing the 200-run mark.

Bangladesh is also in second place.  They, too, have been knocked out 13 times in a single year before crossing the 200-run mark. That was in 2002. Most importantly, the number of Test innings they played that year was 16 innings. He failed to cross the 200-run mark in 13 innings.

This year the England team finished third here.  The first innings of the fourth match of the series against Australia was limited to 185 runs.  England have been all out 12 times this year before crossing the 200-run mark.  That was after playing 28 innings.



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