Mohindhar Doodnauth and Stephanie Prashad are two of the New lawyers admitted to Guyana Bar

Mohindhar Doodnauth and Stephanie Prashad are two of the latest lawyers to be admitted to the Guyana Bar, both having recently graduated from the Eugene Dupuch Law School in The Bahamas after copping their Legal Education Certificate (LEC).

Doodnauth, 25, and Prashad, 32, were both admitted last June 7 before Justice Navindra Singh and in the company of family and friends.

As his legal career is relatively new and it is in its formative stages, Doodnauth told that he is yet to find his niche in legal practice.

“My decision to become a lawyer was predicated on a number of personal factors ranging from the flexibility of the profession to the marketability of a legal education. However, from a purely pragmatic position, a legal career presented as a stable career path which complimented my proclivity for research and writing,” he shared.

As a word of advice to fellow youths who may be inclined to pursue a career in law, Doodnauth said among the key factors for success would be the ability to ensure that proper research is done into a career in law.

Meanwhile, Prashad is a Corporate Lawyer managing a variety of contracts, employment, and civil matters.

“I have been practicing corporate law in the US for over five years as a way to blend my passions for law and finance, and look forward to utilizing my transnational contract and tax experience to help support industrious and entrepreneurial Guyanese citizens grow their businesses in this age of innovation,” she told

In words of advice to others desirous of pursuing a career like hers, she said:

“I would advise that developing your community is just as important as taking your studies seriously. Both your education and your support system need attention and investment, as they provide invaluable opportunities for mentorship, knowledge sharing, and professional growth, enabling you to expand your professional connections, gain diverse perspectives, and navigate challenges more effectively.”


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