Jason Holder spoke about the challenges that come with captaining the national team..

West Indies all-rounder Jason Holder commented on the challenges of leading the national team on a YouTube channel. The 30-year-old Holder led the team until 2019.

The war between senior players and the West Indies cricket board has arguably set cricket back in more than one way. The financial troubles that the board have faced are also well documented.

Holder noted that managing to lead a group of several nations is a challenge which is next to impossible to accomplish if support is not given from the top.

Accordingly, he said “Captaining the west indies National team is abig challenge. Personally, I’ve found that unless you get strong support in and around the management and from a board level, it is next to impossible. I don’t remember being in a west indies dressing room where we have had that.”

“There’s always been breakdown from maybe a team or board perspective, you never quite get a 100 percent buying from everyone. I think we have goy systematic flaws that obviously need to be addressed. To the Cricket board’s defense, I don’t think financially, they have the resources to not only create but also sustain.” Holder added:

West Indies Team, led by Kiran Pollard, finished poorly in the Twenty20 World Cup. However, Holder did not have a chance in the opening matches and the team door opened at the last minute as a substitute for an injury. He was also not selected for the tour of Pakistan. However, the West Indies lost all their Twenty20 matches in that tournament.

He noted that being trapped in a bio bubble is a psychological challenge. Jason Holder also pointed out the dangers of switching from one bobble to another over the past eight months.

“It has been mentally challenging and draining being stuck in a bio bubble where you literally Have no freedom and no ways to unwind. It’s challenging just being able to stay focused because uou tend to drift, particular when things are not going too well.  It is what it is, I’m grateful to be still playing and working, I guess that is a positive way to look at it.”  he added

The West Indies cricketer went on to say:

“It is what it is, I’m grateful to be still playing and working, I guess that is a positive way to look at it.”



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