If we’re going to go forward positively, we have to almost primarily on performances – Carlisle best

Carlisle best was a player who represented the West Indies in the 1986s and 1990s. The 62-year-old has criticized the West Indies’ productions record. He also said that the West Indies team will continue to struggle for results until there is no change in the performance levels of the players.

He further said
“So invariably you’re not looking at a side that will win anything — that’s my view — because the production record of our players, in terms of performances, is nothing to argue about.”

He was also pleased that Desmond Haynes was able to pick a team. John Campbell was recalled to the Test squad following his performance in the last series. But Devon Thomas did not get a chance.

“I’m happy… chief selector the Most Honourable Desmond Haynes was able to come up with a team, but quite frankly, in my view, John Campbell or Devon Thomas are about the same. There’s nothing to shout about.”

Best said that in order to move forward positively, one must primarily focus on performance. He added that the performances should be aimed at the outcome. “We are in the wilderness with a good game here and there,” he added.

“There was a time I observed in West Indies cricket where we lost the series and then the last game or two, somebody scores a hundred. So he sets up himself for the next series, which we’re going to lose, but he’s going to do well and he maintains a play.”

He also stated:

“The fact of the matter is that in Test cricket we’re number eight, in ODIs we’re at number [nine], and in T20 we’re at number [seven], and therefore, there is not a lot to shout about as to who is selected. For me, it doesn’t matter.

He said that the first criterion for selecting an athlete should be performance.

“I want to see performances. Having been invited to sit as a selector [by the BCA], I said from the beginning that my first criteria for selecting a player has to be performance, and that then is followed by behaviour, attitude, and ambition, but the number one criteria is performance.”

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