“I think they have made a huge progress.” Phil Simmons On the West indies team’s progress

West Indies men’s cricket team thrashed England by 10 wickets in the final Test match played at the National Cricket Stadium, St George’s in Grenada to clinch the three-match series 1-0 after The first two matches of the tournament ended in a draw.

The third match was heated, with England batting first and scoring 204 in the first innings while the West Indies were bowled out for 297 in reply.

However, the West Indies bowlers, led by Myers, did not allow England to succeed the second innings and were restricted to 120 runs.  Chasing an easy target of 28 runs, the hosts won by 10 wickets.

West indies head coach Phil Simmons believes the West Indies’ performance in last month’s Test series against England has shown tremendous progress.

“I think there was a lot of progress being made during that series.” he said

also he added,

“I think they have made a huge progress. I think for us to be able to understand how to bat on last days to save Test matches and also to be able to understand how we needed to bat in a situation  for two days – something we haven’t done for a while.

He said, It was also a pleasure to watch the sessions play as they put the little things together.

“I think that is progress in itself and to me that was a big pleasure to sit down and watch our batsmen just grind out a session and don’t lose any wickets and still score 80 runs and little things like that. I think there was a lot of progress being made during that series.”

He also noted that progress is always changing according to the number of matches played and that the Red Ball team has grown Quickly due to the large number of West Indies players in the state teams and franchise.

“The progression will always be different, from the point of view of the amount of cricket that’s played,” he explained.

“I think because there is a lot of learning being done up here as in the international level, the white ball players have more playing time. Long ago we used to have playing time in the Counties and in the Leagues so our red ball team improved a lot quicker.

“Now, there’s a lot more of those white ball leagues so the ability to do things in white ball cricket makes them improve a lot quicker than the amount of red ball [cricket being played].”

He further added that,

“For two years, we didn’t have any red ball cricket in the region except internationals so definitely in that way, the white ball teams will improve quicker.”

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