“I think she will be able to hit a lot of sixes!”- Serena Williams urged to Try cricket by Hayley Matthews

Serena Williams was named by West Indies women’s star Hayley Matthews as a potential cricketer.

Matthews mentioned the 23-time Grand Slam champion as a sportswoman who could do well in cricket.

Williams, who drew curtains on a transcendent career spanning over 20 years last September, attributed her wish for unrestrained family time with her five-year-old daughter as one of the key reasons for her decision. Having won 73 singles titles during her unparalleled career, the former World No. 1 was known for her powerful shot-making and athleticism.

Both sports require strength and skill from the player to hit the ball, and Matthews didn’t hesitate to name Serena Williams in a promotional video for the Women’s Premier League as someone she would like to see in her sport.

“Maybe someone like Serena Williams; I think she would be able to hit a lot of sixes,” the all-rounder said when asked which athlete she would like to see at the crease.

However, the former world No.1 has never shown an interest in cricket and is currently working as a businesswoman, managing sports teams such as the Miami Dolphins and Angel City FC.

Although she has shown interest in golf in the past, Williams has admitted that it has been difficult to find time since she had her daughter Olympia.

“I’m not golfing at all these days. Although I am definitely going to pick up golf as soon as I have time, which hopefully will be very soon,”

“I love reading, but ever since I had Olympia, I just don’t even think I’ve read a book,” the 23-time Major winner said. “But I do love reading. I absolutely love going to the movies, it’s my favorite thing, it shuts my brain off.” said Williams.

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