“I have always said since I left cricket,CWI have never called me to assist.”- Sir Curtly Ambrose

Phil Simmons, who was the head coach of the West Indies men’s team, resigned after the last tour of Australia, and Andre Coley was appointed as an interim coach in his place. He will take charge of the team for the upcoming tours of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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Many had their say, for and against, and the Leeward Islands fast bowler George Ferris, fast bowlers George Ferris, and Sir Curtly Ambrose spoke about Andre Coley’s appointment as the interim head coach of the West Indies senior men’s team.

Ambrose, who worked with Coley in the West Indies squad as well as Jamaica’s Tallawahs in the Caribbean Premier League, said he had no problem with Coley taking the lead.

However, Ferris questioned Coley’s appointment and the time West Indies cricket is taking to begin the process of finding a long-term replacement for Phil Simmons.

Asked about Coley’s appointment as interim coach, Sir Curtly Ambrose, who appeared on the Mason and Guest Cricket Show on Voice Of Barbados, said,

“I have worked with Andre Coley before…and I know him very well and I have no issues with him being the interim head coach. He is very organized, experienced, and understands his role and cricket.”

However, Ferris was not too happy with the appointment

“A question I want to ask is how long has this guy been around? Hasn’t he been around for a while coaching? Isn’t he part of the failure? So why then are we rinsing and repeating? Why shouldn’t we get somebody else because he has been around with all the failures?.”

“Phil Simmons gave us enough time for us to choose a new head coach. Unless they are waiting for Shiv Chanderpaul to complete his stint, I just don’t understand this. It is confusing to me.”

Commenting further, the former, fast bowler(Ferris) said that Shivanrine Chandrapul and Sir Curtly Ambrose will be supported as new coaches.

“I would support Shiv as the new head coach with his bowling coach Sir Curtly Ambrose. For the head coach definitely Shiv, and he’s going to have some parts to play in the batting, too. He will be able to offer advice to the batting coach and if he has a man like Curtly Ambrose there, I think they will do a great job, so I’m gunning for those two for sure.”

When asked if he would be interested in taking over the head coaching position, Ambrose said,

“I have always said since I left cricket…when it comes to West Indies cricket, I am always available, willing ready and able to assist in any way. CWI have never called me to assist and I turned them down, so that answers your question.”

Ferris also expressed concern about the current West Indies selection committee.

“Going into the selection panel and my good friend Roland Butcher, I have no problem regarding Roland’s skills, qualifications, ability, and everything. He is a great guy. Objective, fair, experienced. But the problem some people will say is, can’t we find anybody else from another island.”

Asked if he was concerned about Barbadians Butcher and Desmond Haynes being part of the selection panel along with another Barbadian, Test captain Kraigg Brathwaite, Ferris said, “Yes, I am concerned.”

“I love Roland Butcher, he’s my friend but it doesn’t look right and it doesn’t pass the smell test to me. We’ve got so many guys capable in the region who could have gotten the job. I have nothing against Roland, he is a very qualified guy but it doesn’t look good.”

Ambrose was still optimistic about West Indies’ future, despite the regional team currently lagging behind.

“For me, I am always a confident person no matter the situation. Being a die-hard West Indian fan, supporter, ex-cricketer, I am still going to remain confident and optimistic that we can put on a good showing.”

“We haven’t been playing well recently but I still believe we have what it takes to get better. So, I believe come 2023 we may see a difference in West Indies cricket moving forward.”

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