“I had a dream that I will take my family out of poverty” – Rovman Powell

The Jamaican batsman is making a special impact by hitting big hits in this tournament. He mentioned that he feels comfortable in the Delhi Capital camp.

“Coming all the way from the Caribbean, it was very important for me to come here and feel at home. And the Delhi Capitals have accepted me as a part of their family and I feel at home here.”

Powell also said that a team must have a good and comfortable environment in order for players to be talented.

“Being comfortable in an environment can help you put up your best performances. And I realized that everyone in the team is behind you whether you have a good day or not and that is very important.”

During this IPL tour, he talked about the fun moments of his tour with the Delhi Capital Franchise.

“When I landed in Mumbai, I was told that the airline doesn’t have any of my bags. The only thing I had with me was my hand baggage when I left the airport. I didn’t have any extra clothes with me so I spent 2-3 days in a towel in my hotel room.”

Powell also spoke about Delhi captain Rishabh Pant and he said,

“Rishabh Pant is someone we look up to in the Caribbean because he’s a good player. Whenever we play against him, we have meetings about how to curtail his cricketing prowess and how to keep him quiet.”

He also said,

“And after I was acquired by Delhi Capitals, Rishabh told me that he is excited to have me as a part of the team and will give me a role that I would like. And he has stuck to his word.”

He added that he uses cricket to lift his family out of poverty.

“I come from a small village (in Jamaica) where farming is the primary income earner for the majority of the families. But from my childhood days, I had a dream that I will take my family out of poverty through cricket and education.” he said 

They also mentioned that he would be a soldier if his cricket career was not successful.

“Cricket has been going well, thanks to the grace of God. Before I became a professional cricketer, I was going to become a soldier. If cricket didn’t work out then I would have been a soldier.” he added

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