“I’m thankful for T20 leagues, but I’m eager and interested in playing for West Indies”- Sherfane Rutherford

Twenty-four-year-old West Indies all-rounder Sherfane Rutherford has had a mixed year in 2022, and in an exclusive interview with the daily publication, Rutherford reflected on this year.

During that conversation, he said that he is working on the stability that has been hindering his career.

“I must thank God for the year, and 2022 on the cricket field was not so good. There is room for improvement, always room for better. I am still thankful for the opportunities.”

“My biggest constraint is being consistent. I am working on that. Whatever I have done this year (in cricket) would never be enough. I want to be better with performances, and it is a learning process for me.” 

Sherfane Rutherford scored a career-best T20 score of 78 for the Patriots at Providence in 2022 and he said,

“It has been good, I won’t complain too much, it is time for me to learn and add those missing plates, and get myself together. It is time for me to learn, and learn fast.”

Speaking further, the Guyanese batsman said that fatherhood is the best thing that has happened to him. He commented on fatherhood and Christmas.

“Being a father is the best thing (that has happened to me). Cricket has done a lot for me, but being a father is beyond (what cricket can do for me), and I am enjoying it. There is so much of things I can say in being a father, but fatherhood makes me a better person, helps me to be more humble and wiser.”

“For me, being a father is special. Every day I look at my son and it is hard to believe that I actually bring forth someone. I love him, and I love every moment (we are together).”

“I will be spending Christmas with him, so I will have the best Christmas. I have my son, and I am home, so I am looking forward to have some fun.”

Rutherford, who spends a lot of time in the United States, arrived in Guyana earlier this year to play for Demerara in the senior interstate tournament. He further mentioned that he is planning to return to longer formats.

“This was my first time playing inter-county. It is the root, where it all started for a senior call-up, and I was excited and overwhelmed to get back home and have a taste.”

“It was good that we have inter-county, and it is something I will make the time for. 50-over cricket is in my plan, and I want to get back into some longer-format cricket.”

He said that playing in the Twenty20 league has helped his personal growth, but his ultimate goal is to play for the regional team.

“Playing T20 leagues has always been a norm for me. It is after four years I played inter-county and List A cricket, so it shows that I have not been around; and T20, for me, has made me become a better player. Going around and playing so much leagues, I learn a lot.”

“I learn most of my cricket from playing leagues. I am thankful and grateful for T20 leagues, but I am eager and interested in playing for West Indies. It is my ultimate goal, so I am working on it. Steady performance would make the way for me. I am trying to be more consistent, scoring runs, and even bowling and take wickets, so I can get back into the West Indies team.”

“It is the ultimate goal. I want to play for the West Indies, I think I can add some flair and difference in the team. By the grace of God, I hope it comes through very soon.”

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