“I am not a guy who goes jumping too high at any particular time.”- Sir Vivian Richard talks about his quick adaptation.

Former West Indies captain and popular batsman Sir Vivian Richards is known as another legend born in the history of world cricket. He said he was relieved to be able to use his talents.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show to mark his 71st birthday on March 7, Sir Viv Richard reflected on the many successes and some failures of his journey,

The former player explained,

“You hear about maybe if you had an opportunity to change things or whatever but you have to take it for what it is. It’s like you’re playing a game of poker and you’re dealt whatever cards but you have to let them work and I am just happy that the hand I got that I was able to do something with it.”

Also, Sir Vivian Richard stated that he is never a person who jumps too high and his biggest achievement is being humble and appreciative of everyone around him who helped him achieve his dream.

“I am not a guy who goes jumping too high at any particular time, but I just try to remain as level as possible, and that’s what is most important and whatever achievement there is. We should not allow that to make us feel we are different from anyone else. I am still very much part of the fabric of Antigua and Barbuda and of life.”

And he expressed his gratitude to the many people who sent birthday wishes.

“Let me just take this opportunity to thank all the folks who would have basically spent some time in wishing me the best. Thank you all very much; it’s highly appreciated.”

The 80’s generation of West Indies Test cricketers was a once-in-a-lifetime breed of sportsmen. Their 15 years of dominance in Test cricket, where they went unbeaten from 1980 to 1995, is a feat that looks impossible to repeat by any Test nation.

The main reason behind that unprecedented victory was that they had a great cause for which they were playing. Viv Richards and his teammates entered the history books as one of the greatest teams the game has ever seen.

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, who made his Test debut against India in 1974, was one of the greatest batsmen ever to represent the West Indies cricket team from 1974 to 1991. He scored 8,540 runs in 121 Test matches at an average of 50.23, including 24 centuries and 45 half-centuries.

As a captain, he won 27 of 50 Tests and lost just eight. He has amassed nearly 7,000 runs in ODIs and over 36,000 in first-class cricket. He was knighted in 1999 for his contribution to cricket.

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