“Hosting the T20 World Cup will bring a lot of attention to cricket in USA” – USA vice-captain Aaron Jones

The United States of America (USA) and the West Indies will together be hosting the 2024 edition of the T20 World Cup.

US cricket team vice-captain Aaron Jones has expressed his thoughts on how co-hosting the T20 World Cup would change the perception of the game in the States.

The 27-year-old feels it will impart a lot of knowledge about the game to the local audience.

Speaking to Sportskeeda in chat, Aaron Jones said

“I definitely think hosting the T20 World Cup will bring a lot of attention to cricket in USA. I feel a lot of people in the USA don’t really have much knowledge about cricket. But the World Cup, biggest stage in cricket, will definitely bring a lot of knowledge of the game. Even if they don’t show a lot of interest in the beginning, they are gonna watch it for sure.”

Captain Monank Patel also spoke about how the T20 World Cup in 2024 would be a catalyst in developing the game in the United States. He also shared how local schools are trying to inculcate age-group cricket, saying:

“I think the grassroots in the US will develop really soon. If I talk schooling wise, they are basically trying to get cricket in the primary or secondary level. So I feel cricket is going to grow and people are going to take interest very soon.”

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