Here Pollard’s IPL Records and controversial events he encountered in the IPL.

Kireon Pollard is a devastating midfielder who played internationally against South Africa in the 2007 ODI World Cup and currently the captain of the West Indies national team and The West Indies captain has so far played 581 T20s, taking 11427 runs and taking 304 wickets.

Pollard is a right-handed batsman and a right-arm medium bowler and His IPL debut in 2010.  There he acquired the Mumbai Indians for Rs 5.40 cr as an all-rounder and since then he has only represented the Mumbai Indians. and This year too, the Mumbai Indians retained Pollard for Rs 6.0 core

Pollard has played 178 matches in the Indian Premier League so far, with 3268 runs and 16 half-centuries, his highest score being an unbeaten 87 against the Chennai Super Kings in 2021. As a bowler, he has taken 65 wickets.  The best bowling performance in an innings was 04 for 44. He showed this skill in 2012.  The average is 8.78 and the economy is 31.61.

Here is record pollard’s who has been playing ipl every year since 2010.

year 2010
This year he played 14 games and scored 273 runs and His unbeaten 45 was his highest score of the year. polly also took 15 wickets that year and Best bowling for 17 runs for 03 wickets.

Year 2011
He played 16 games this year, scoring just 146 runs and The highest score was 28 runs. However, he managed to take 10 wickets in this edition and Best bowling 02 wickets for 24 runs.

Year 2012
Pollard, who has played 14 games this year, has scored 220 runs.  He scored two half-centuries and the highest score of an innings that year was 64. He also took 16 wickets and best was 44 runs for 04 wickets.

Year 2013
Pollard has had a successful year as a batsman, scoring 420 runs in 18 games with three half-centuries.  The highest score of an innings was 66 not out.  He has taken 10 wickets and is the best was with 02 wickets for 6 runs.

Year 2014
Polly has played 15 games this year, scoring 273 runs. The highest score was 78 runs and He able to took only 02 wickets in this edition.

Year 2015
This year was also a successful one and he scored 419 runs in the innings.  The highest score was 70 and included two half-centuries.  However, only two wickets were available in this edition.

Year 2016
He scored 207 runs in 13 matches and was the highest run scorer in an innings with 51 not out.  Pollard was able to score a half-century there. but he couldn’t abale to get any wickets in this year.

Year 2017
This year, Pollard has scored 385 runs in 17 games and three half-centuries.  His highest score of an innings that year was 70. again not successful with the ball in this edition.

Year 2018
Kiren Pollard, who has played nine innings this year, has scored only 133 runs.  It contained a half-century and best was 50. this year he not boweld any over.

Year 2019
He has scored 279 runs this year and his highest score in an innings is 83.  He scored one half-century this year. he couldn’t abale to get any wickets in this year.

Year 2020
This year, Pollard played 16 matches for the Mumbai Indians, scoring 268 runs. His unbeaten 60 was his highest score of the year and he took 04 wickets in the end of edition.

Year 2021

He played 14 matches and scored 245 runs against an unbeaten 87 against the Chennai Super Kings.  He was able to take five wickets in 2021. on Pollard, who has played nine innings this year, has scored 133 runs.  It contained a half-century.  This year’s top score is 50.

The IPL has caused controversy and Kieron Pollard is an intermediate player. On several occasions he was involved in several controversial events, viz

With Mitchell Starc

This was a very controversial one and in the 2014 match against Bangalore, Pollard was batting. The bowler was Mitchell Starc of Australia and In the sixteenth over, Starc ran on to direct the ball and Pollard was suddenly out of the Wicket and Starc Bowled the ball out of the wicket. There, enraged, Pollard threw his bat at Stack way. However The situation was later settled with the intervention of the umpires.

Leaving the field in the IPL 2019 final.

The final match was between CSK and MI and at a very exciting time his National Team teammate DJ Bravo directed a wide ball which caused a great deal of controversy as the umpire did not signal it as a wide ball.

He then left the wicket before bowled the ball and the umpire was not satisfied with that and they spoke a word with Polly. However, the angry West Indies player left the field and went to the dressing room. He even had to pay a fine of 25% of the match fee.

Cover the mouth with a piece of tape.

The incident took place in 2015, when his friend West Indies batsman Chris Gayle was batting for the RCB team. There Polard was joking with him. The Umpire asked not to speak too much. In response, polly covered their mouths with a plaster. This was a very intoxicating incident, despite the ridicule of the Umpires and commentators.

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