Here are 3 reasons why Shimron Hetmyer is the best finisher in T20 cricket at present

Hetmyer has been a great addition to Guyana Amazon Worries and has been the man in form. He has been in terrific form this YEAR IPL and CPL and once again showed how to maintain one’s temperament and finish off games.

We take a look at three reasons why Shimron Hetmyer is currently the best finisher in T20 cricket:

3. A complete batter

Unlike the likes of Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell, Shimron Hetmyer is a more complete batter. He started his career for the West Indies in the top order and scored consistent runs. He has a more rounded game and is adept at handling pressure scenarios. There are no seemingly glaring glitches in his batting and these traits come to the fore when he gauges conditions during the final few overs.

The fact that he can pick and choose his moments and bowlers to attack and execute his plans without any fuss makes him one of the best finishers in the shortest format in the world currently.

2. Wide range of strokes

Shimron Hetmyer loves the wild slog over deep mid-wicket. He also loves the slap down the ground, but then, he is also equally adept at accessing the off side as he generally stays towards the leg side of the ball.

These wide strokes make him an all-round package – a batter that is not a one-trick pony and hence, bowlers generally find it difficult bowling to him.

1. Solid temperament

Shimron Hetmyer is an excitable character – he seems to live every moment when out in the field. However, there is a sense of calm when he is trying to close out the innings. There is a lot of belief, and he follows his process. He picks his bowlers and commits to the cause. After his superb knock against the JT, he revealed how he practices to excel in these tight situations.

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