‘Cricket is not based on power-hitting’ – Sir Andy Roberts questions Jimmy Adams’ effectiveness

Sir Andy Roberts questioned the performance of the Director of Cricket, Jimmy Adams.

The former West Indies captain said Adams was on a ‘joyride‘ rather than actively overseeing the development of the international squad.

Jimmy Adams, who replaced the controversial Englishman Richard Pybus as the Director of Cricket in January 2017, further highlighted the former legend who rarely spoke on issues of cricket development in the region and did not focus on this key area.

“Do you think that the cricket board has been watching the performance of the Director of Cricket over the years? So how have they not made that change for all this time.”

“I hardly hear the Director of Cricket say anything concerning the development of cricket. I think Jimmy has been on a joyride for a long time because he hasn’t come out and said (anything) pertaining to which direction the cricket is going.”

Joining Antiguan Starcom Radio’s Mason and Guest cricket show, former captain Sir Andy added that the things he talks about, such as the fitness of the players, are irrelevant to adam.

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“Most of what I hear the director talk about is the fitness of the players and I think that shouldn’t be his portfolio.’

“His portfolio is to enhance the skills of the players – that’s what he should be focussed on, instead of primarily the fitness of players.”

“He should be more into the development of the skills set of these players because when you look at it, Ireland are more skillful than we, Zimbabwe are more skillful and it shows.”

Also, He said that cricket is no longer based on power hitting and that this traditional hitting of West Indies players should be changed.

“All this time people talking about power-hitting … cricket is not based on power-hitting whether it’s Test match, ODI, T20.”

“The skills are what is going to carry you through,” he added

1 thought on “‘Cricket is not based on power-hitting’ – Sir Andy Roberts questions Jimmy Adams’ effectiveness”

  1. Absolutely so Sir Andy.
    I for long have been questioning myself as to what James roll realy is. At times I wondered if he was still a part of the W I set up.
    Like you have said, we hardly hear from him and when we do the few times he may have spoken it’s almost irrelevant.
    Now that you have spoken I hope someone will come forward and clear the air I doubt he will be the one. Truely, he must be honest and come forward. Should he resign? Can the board show his achievements?
    We need to know.


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