Guyanese businessmen Mohamed gifts new homes to Berbice family for christmas

After experiencing what she described as a difficult 2023, during which her house was destroyed due to a freak storm and battling other personal issues, 48-year-old Ayesha Daniels has received the gift of a brand-new house for Christmas.

The two-bedroom building, situated in No. 28 Village, West Coast Berbice (WCB), was constructed from scratch with funding from businessman, Mr. A Mohamed.

The house, which Ms. Daniel will share with her grandson, was handed over during a simple ceremony on Sunday (Christmas Eve).

After being presented with the keys, an emotional Daniel expressed gratitude for the kind gesture extended to her.

She stated that it has been a very rough year for her but thanked God for answering her prayers by sending Mr. Mohamed whom she described as a genuine and compassionate individual.

After the unfortunate incident, she recalled receiving a telephone call from Mike.592 , a member of Team Mohamed’s late one evening who told her that Team Mohamed’s would reconstruct her home.

With joy in her heart, she breathed a sigh of relief and thought that God works in mysterious ways. She could not find enough words to thank the businessman for his generosity and promised to care for the gift which gave her a new lease of life.

Now that she has a roof over her head, she intends to restart her small food business within the village so that she can take care of herself and her grandson.

On the other hand, Mr. Mohamed was extremely happy to assist yet another Guyanese family so that they could live a comfortable life, especially during this season of sharing and giving.

He urged the mother of three to take good care of the house and extended a very Merry Christmas to her and her family.

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