Guyana pledges strong support to Cricket West Indies for Cricket Redevelopment; “We welcome the partnership with CWI”

In a significant move to bolster cricket in the Caribbean, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, the President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, has pledged unwavering support to Cricket West Indies (CWI).

The commitment encompasses infrastructural development, cricket programs, and commercial opportunities aimed at revitalizing cricket in the region.

CWI Director of Cricket, Miles Bascomber, CWI Independent Director Manniram Prashad, and the owner of the Guyana Amazon Warriors Dr Ranjisinghi Bobby Ramroop were all in attendance.

President Ali seeks support from the CWI for the redevelopment of cricket throughout the Caribbean. He looks forward to the infrastructural development, cricket programmes, and commercial opportunities being implemented.

The Head of State made clear his commitment towards the development of the partnership with the CWI, as it improves the overall performance of West Indies cricket. Guyana’s main objective from the meeting will be to introduce a High-Performance Centre in Guyana, which will benefit and service cricketers from across the region.

His Excellency said, “We are excited as a government to play our part with the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) and Cricket West Indies (CWI) in the new re-development of cricket in the region. We welcome the partnership with CWI in the development of a regional High-Performance Centre and cricket academy here in Guyana.”

He added that he intends to work with the CWI President to help advance the popularity and growth of the sport within the Caribbean.

“We are also working with President Dr Shallow and Cricket West Indies on advancing some innovative ideas in bringing more opportunities to our cricket players and spectators in the Region. I believe strongly that defining our product as distinct from other regions and countries is critical in the rebranding and repositioning of CWI globally. Such a plan must incorporate the culture, people, and natural beauty of our region,” said the Head of State.

CWI President, Dr Shallow commended His Excellency for the investments in cricket thus far, as he recognised the potential it has in collaborating with Guyana.

He expressed, “President Ali’s commitment to cricket is evident with the major investments to stage the magnificent cricket festival, including the CPL finals in Guyana. His zeal for the success of West Indies cricket is unquestionable. This partnership with Guyana promises tremendous value for our young and emerging cricketers who will have access to world-class facilities and programs comparable to the best in the world. I emphasise that for West Indies teams to be iconic again, it is imperative that there is considerable collaboration between CWI and governments in our region.”

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