Former Sir Richie Richardson receives an honorary award from UWI for his contribution to Cricket

The University of the West is set to confer an Honorary Doctorate of Laws (LLD) on retired Sir Richie Richardson for his contribution to the game of cricket. The former player said that he was surprised to receive such a thing, but accepted it as an honor.

Sir Richie Richardson shared his views on the matter while on The Good Morning Jojo radio show. He said that the University of the West Indies is important to the entire Caribbean region and was grateful to be honored in this way.

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“The University of the West Indies is a very important institution to us as a Caribbean people and it’s ranked as one of the best universities in the region so for them to see the need to bestow such an honor on me, then I am deeply touched, honored and I am very grateful.”

He further said that he did not expect such a thing at all.

“I was surprised to be honest because I never really expected it but when I realized that it was going to happen I was very excited and deeply honored.”

The former opener led West Indies from 1991-1996 and He scored 5,949 runs in 86 Tests with 16 centuries and 27 fifties. Also, Sir Richardson, who has played 224 one-day internationals, has scored 6,248 runs, which included 5 centuries and 44 fifties.

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One of the few West Indies players to be knighted, Richardson also serves as an ICC match referee. The UWI Awards will be held between October 8 and November 5, and in addition to Richardson, several people from various fields including culture, law, business, and science will be honored.

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