“For sure, I would love to play for the Royals. Rajasthan Royals have also been my favourites because of Jofra, Oshane Thomas and Obed McCoy.”

Hayley Matthews-led Barbados Royals won the inaugural season 6IXTY women’s title. She stated in an official statement issued by the Barbados Royals that she would like to play for the Royals in the Women’s IPL.

“Obviously it has been so exciting for everyone. The girls went out and played some great cricket all tournament long, so I think this win has given everyone a lot of confidence and belief going into the Women’s CPL.”

She also talked about the new format, 6IXTY, saying that it was fun to play with the new rules.

picture source Hayley Matthews: Instagram

“It was a fun format to play in with all the new rules which brought new excitement. It seems really fast from the outside, but I feel you still have time to set yourself at the crease, even in the first couple of overs. It’s definitely a format that could grow a lot in the coming years.”

The 25-year-old, Hayley believes the CPL does not need to undergo many changes to her team’s approach in the CPL.

“I think for us, it has been about taking it one game at a time. We want to focus on our skills and on the aspects which are under our control. We did have a tough start to the 6IXTY, but turned it around with some amazing performances, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of that during the WCPL.”

She continued,

“We have to take this first game into our stride and given it’s a slightly longer format, I think it suits us even better. The key will be the depth that we have in our batting and bowling departments. It is going to be really competitive, and we are going to bank on each and every player.”

Hayley got a taste of leadership at the age of 11, leading a boys’ team in primary school and it has always been her nature. Since then, she has come forward as a leader, fueled by many things. She said,

“I started captaincy very early in my life, and at the same time though, I was given the opportunity to play high-level cricket and start learning from such a young age. I think coming into the Windies team at 16, under players like Stafanie Taylor, Merissa Aguilleira, Deandra Dottin, and Shakera Selman really gave me an opportunity to learn so much.”

She also mentioned that it is a great honor to represent Royals, a big franchise in the world. Also, she hopes to lead Barbados Royals in the CPL for many more years.

“Representing Barbados is always a massive honor for me, and to be part of one of the biggest cricket franchises in the world – the Royals, makes me even prouder. I’m really looking forward to leading the team in this year’s Women’s CPL, and hopefully for many years to come.”

Hayley Matthews was in the attention at one point. That came at the age of 18 when Haley scored a 45-ball 66 to help West Indies lift the 2016 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup.

“I think it’s still a bit fuzzy actually, I think because I was so young (laughs). Everything was so free-willed. We just went out there and played freely.  It was do-or-die and I knew it was one of those days where it could either go your way or it might not, so I took my chances and it was pretty amazing in the end. Definitely one of those days that I will cherish forever.”

Also, about Jofra Achar, a current England fast bowler and a representative of the Royal Franchise, her memory was like this.

picture source: BCCI

“When I was probably about 14-15 years old representing Harrison College, I came up against Jofra, who was playing for his Christ Church Foundation school side. He was opening the bowling from one end, along with West Indies U19 opening bowler Jerome Jones, who was bowling from the other end. So, it was pretty fiery to experience as a 15-year-old with both pacers coming at you at 80-85 miles an hour. But the good thing for me was that Jofra was my friend, so he kept it quite full and straight actually, but Jerome’s deliveries were just whizzing past my neck.”


“When I look back at it all now, I think these are the experiences which have helped me become the player that I am today. But in the end, I think Jof did get me LBW or bowled (laugh).”

When asked if she would like to play for the Royals team in the IPL tournament, she said that the investment made by the Royals for women’s cricket should be highly appreciated and she is willing to play for that franchise.

“For sure, I would love to play for the Royals.  I’ve experienced an amazing atmosphere with the working group present at the franchise, and they are always very supportive of the girls. Their investment in women’s cricket is appreciable, and I think such investments being made in the right places is what our game needs.”

She also said that Jofra, Oshane Thomas, and Obed McCoy played for the Royals at the time, which is the reason why she loves the franchise more. She also believes that she will be able to play in the IPL in pink color.

Further commenting that she is excited to be BR’s men’s captain David Miller. She commented on South African destroyer David Millar,

“Both of us actually played for Welsh Fire in The Hundred together, so we did have a chat about joining up with the Royals. He’s told me about the amazing culture at the franchise and I wished him well for his CPL season that he’s so excited to be a part of.”

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