IPL 2022: Here are 5 Interesting rules that can be implemented from IPL 2022

The Indian Premier League is a much-anticipated tournament for players and spectators alike. Foreign players are looking forward to playing in the league and making a lasting mark. Every year the Indian Premier League gets a hot face.

The Indian Premier League is one of the premier leagues that has helped many players to showcase their talents over the years. The IPL is also known as one of the top leagues in the world.

Each edition provides a twist and entertainment. Ten teams are scheduled to play for the 2022 Ipl. With the addition of two new teams, the players will have more opportunities. The media also reports that several new rules will be introduced for this year’s tournament.

Accordingly, the media had stated the new rules.

01. 08 runs for sixes Over 100 Meters

Thus, giving eight Runs for sixes beyond 100 meters will make the tournament even more exciting. This gives the chasing team an extra advantage. It also helps the first batting team to create a big scoreboard.

02. Power surge

This rule can also be an interesting one in ipl. This was also introduced in the 2020 2021 Big Bash. The six-over power play is divided into two parts. That is the first power play in the first 04 overs of the innings. Then after the tenth over, the remaining two power play overs are available..

03. An extra over for in form bowler

In a 20-20 match, one bowler can bowl only four overs. This rule allows the skipper to give the bowler an extra over. Accordingly, in that match, well bowling bowler will most likely be able to direct another over.

04. Additional points for finishing games inside 10 overs

This rule allows a team to score a few extra points if they chase down a winning score within 10 overs. This allows a team at the bottom of the points table to reach the top.

05. Penalty for slow over rate

Failure to deliver all the overs on time has been a problem for a very long time in world cricket. Most of the time it only involves the imposition of a certain fine. In such a situation it is proposed to add 05 penalty points to the total score of the opposing team.

In the shortest format, a run saved is equivalent to a run scored. And if it zeroes down to adding five penalty runs, the team will consciously make efforts to follow the timeline.

A fine might not hurt the team the way these five runs can. It will also change the fortunes of the game. The teams will have to put their thinking hats on to avoid giving any advantage to the opposition and thus the problem of the slow rate could possibly get a convincing solution.

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