Fazeer Mohammed Named his all-time Barbados Xi

Fazeer Mohammed named the all-time Xi from Barbados Cricketers during the West Indies – Srilanka second Test commentary in galle yesterday (01). Based on the 55th Independence Day of Barbados. Fazeer Mohammed Trinidadian is a cricket commentator and journalist. He is well known as a West Indies commentator.

“We’ve actually gotten a couple of recommendations or selections for Best Ever Barbados Eleven Today (01) for those who might have missed it, a significant day in the history of Barbados declared a Republic at midnight.” Fazeer said during the commentary yesterday (01)

“That we’re talking about here, as we look at this best ever, Barbados Test Eleven. Remember, it’s a Test match, Eleven that we’re talking about here. Frank Warren, the captain, Gordon Greenwich, Conrad Hunter, openers, Everton Week’s, Clyde Walcott, Garfield Sober, the middle order, David Murray, the wicketkeeper batsman, and then the bowlers, Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner, Wesley Hall and Sylvester Clark.

I’ve gone with David Murray as my Wiki. For some I’d argue, well, why not fight Walcott, As I said, they are Clyde Walcott. He was a wicketkeeper for the Western East for a number of test matches, but I’m playing him primarily as a batsman. 15 centuries in 45 tests averaged over 50 every ten weeks / Average 58, Sir Garfield Sobers and you don’t have to say much about that. Frank Warrant, arguably the most influential West Indian in the history of the game. ” he explained

The all-time Xi he named from Barbados can be summarized as follows :

Frank Worrell (C), Gordon Greenidge, Conrad Hunte, Everton Weekes, Clyde Walcott, Garfield Sobers, David Murray (Wk), Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner, Wesley Hall, and Sylvester Clark

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