Corentyne Woman seeks public help for her birthday dream ‘new home’ to be realized – Read More Details

A woman who is about to celebrate her 76th birthday is hoping to get the public’s support for her birthday dream, which is to get a new home as her current players have collapsed.

Baboonarne lives at Lot E1 Ramphal Street, Williamsburg, Corentyne in a building where more than 20 percent of the external wall boards are missing and the roof is punctuated with holes.

Parbatie Baboonarine called ‘Celia’ was born on March 8, 1947.

“I am 75 and next week Wednesday I am going to be 76,” she said proudly during an interview with this publication.

“I am living here since I was small and then I get married and I moved, then I come back and live here,” she explained as she stood under the shaky house.

The elderly woman says the building trembles with the wind and when heavy lorries are passing on the street. She uses plastic and cardboard to keep out the rain but those are not as effective as she would wish.

“I does frighten,” she said. “The rain does come in when the breeze blow; all over I put cardboard and at the top I put plastic so the water can’t come through.”

Her dream is to have a comfortable home for her birthday. The house had belonged to her parents who have since passed. Her two siblings have also passed.

She has four children. Her three daughters are married.

“I don’t want to go and live with no son-in-law,” she said.

“My son, I can’t count on him. He drink rum and living his own life. When he come, he want to cuss so I don’t count on him. The one from Chesney she does come and she would help me,” she added.

“Nobody [else] does help me.”

“I want a new house and I will thank God if I can live and enjoy it,” she expressed.

“I tell you the truth,” she continued as the previous smile faded and tears settled in her eyes and slowly rolled down her cheeks as she spoke.

“Sometimes I would sit down and cry because I have nobody to help me. I would cry and say ‘Oh God, when I can get a small nice house so I can enjoy.’ I don’t want nothing more. I am not asking for riches, gold or diamond; I am asking for just a small house.”

The pensioner was hospitalised between December and January and initially could not walk but was determined to get back on her feet.

“People use to hold me to walk and then ah started to walk with a stick and then I decide to try to walk by myself and by the grace of God I prayed and now I can walk.”

Despite this small amount, Baboonarne ensures that it is sufficient for her as she related another sad part of her story.

“I does manage it because if me nah know how to buy; because everything raise – cost of living very high. I don’t like to ask people for anything. Even if it is salt and rice I have to eat, I am content. I does have to buy thing to eat and pay for electricity. At present I don’t pay for water because I am a pensioner,” the woman explained.

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