“Australians rate Brian Lara above Sachin Tendulkar” – says former South Africa Captain Dr. Ali Bacher

Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara is two of the living legends of the game of cricket.

Dr. Ali Bacher, former South Africa Captain, recently shared his profound admiration for cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, emphasizing not only his on-field prowess but also his exceptional human qualities.

Bacher marveled at Tendulkar’s persona, describing him as someone from another world, attributing his greatness not just to cricketing skills but also to his demeanor.

Former South Africa captain Ali Bacher, who played 12 Test matches for the national side, praised Tendulkar for his batting and personality. He added that Tendulkar was a better player than Lara.

“I must say, there are two individuals. One of them is Sachin, and we still keep in touch. I mean, he is extraordinary, like he’s from another world. I’ve witnessed numerous outstanding innings from him, but what truly stands out for me is his personality. Honestly, has he ever been in a disagreement? I doubt it. He embodies greatness and happiness,” Bacher said to Hindustan Times.

“You know, Australians argue that Brian Lara was superior to him. Absolute nonsense. I strongly disagree. Brian Lara played before an audience of four million people. Now, think about this guy, he had the pressure of 1.4 billion people. Can you even imagine the magnitude of pressure he faced? Don’t even mention that comparison to me,” he added.

In conclusion, Dr. Ali Bacher’s reflections on Sachin Tendulkar shed light not only on the cricketing maestro’s on-field brilliance but also on his exceptional character.

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