“Andre Russell can be that man to carry on the west Indies legacy in the IPL” – Chris Gayle questions ahead of IPL 2023 Auctions – WATCH

Mayank Agrawal, who performed consistently for the team, could not fulfill his expectations as a batsman who scored 196 runs in 13 matches last season.

Mayank, who sacrificed his starting spot to top Jonny Bairstow alongside IPL middle-order Shikhar Dhawan, was released by the Punjab Kings ahead of the IPL auction.

Devastating T20 player Chris Gayle was “disappointed” with the way his former Punjab Kings dropped captain Mayank Agarwal last year, saying the franchise has a tendency to cut and change at a “ridiculous level”.

Speaking to PTI in an interaction organized by Jio Cinemas before the IPL auctions, Gayle said that Agarwal was not treated properly by the franchise and expected a huge salary for him in Friday’s auction.

“Mayank will definitely get picked. I would be very disappointed if he doesn’t. Because he is such an explosive player.”

“He has probably hurt within himself at not being retained by Punjab after what he sacrificed for the franchise and to be treated like that is disappointing but I hope teams still believe in him and give him good money. He is a fantastic team man as well.”

Gayle said that eleven unsettled games contributed to Punjab’s inconsistency over the years.

“They chop and change man, it is ridiculous. You keep chopping and changing, they never have a set eleven whether you win a match. Sometimes they would go with the same team but so often players don’t feel comfortable (with too much changes).”

“When they do get a chance and IPL is already pressure, so (with that sort of approach) you end putting more excessive pressure and with that you won’t see them flourishing within the game.”

Gayle believes England’s young all-rounder Sam Curran could become the most bought player in auction history. Besides, Ben Stokes, Cameron Green and Agarwal could also attract multi-million dollar deals.

“I don’t know why they are calling those names just give me the money man (laughs),” said Gayle in his inimitable style.”

“I am going be pick Sam (out of all). He is young and IPL tends to look to the future and you have to look at availability. He has had a good run of late. Stokes played well in the World Cup final.”

“It is a possibility there will be some record-breaking deal tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if someone goes over the 16 or 17 crore barrier.” He would also like to see more consistency from Stokes in the IPL.”

“Regardless of his leadership abilities, he brings a lot to the table,” said the West Indian.”

Also about Gayle’s sporting future, he said that he plans to play in several tournaments in 2023.

“I am still active, fresh, good looking, I have the best body in the world. My playing future will always look bright till I am 50 (laughs). I am on a break but would look to play in a few tournaments next year.”

Commenting further, Gayle said his long-time West Indies teammates Kieron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo will see a coaching role in this IPL.

“They are two legends of the IPL, they will be missed a lot. They helped the IPL become what it is today. You got to give them credit, those two guys won so many championships.”

“It is going to leave a gap in the IPL without a doubt. Those guys are proper entertainers.”

Besides, destructive all-rounder Russell and former captain Nicholas Pooran are West Indies’ legacy in the IPL, Gayle said.

“Andre Russell can be that man to carry on the West Indies legacy in the IPL. Hopefully we can see the real Nicholas Pooran. he hasnt delivered in the IPL as per expectations from teams and fans. He has been very explosive in other tournaments but we want to see that on the big stage.”

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