17-year-old Guyanese singer/songwriter to release first Reggae album – A Star on the Rise

From pen to paper, layering lyrics over harmonies, 17-year-old Imeeka Divine is confident that she will be an artist that will leave a ‘star’ impression on Guyana.

The Jamaican-born, who moved to Guyana with her father at the tender age of 12 recently shared her journey of becoming a well-rounded artist with this week’s Buzz.

Further, with plans to release her very first album ‘‘Come on the Universe”, she hopes to capture the attention of many with her positive lyrics and unique voice.

“I was supposed to release it a while back but there was a bit of a setback so I’m still working on that and I will be releasing it very soon,” the teen said, adding: “When I do music, I try to sing what I can relate to, my Jamaican background… it wasn’t the best but I tried to sing music pertaining to how I grew up and what I want my life to be like. I want it to be better than how it was before.”

While her sound gravitates towards the eccentric Reggae genre, Divine says that she is versatile and sings a mixture of ‘cross-over music’.

“I do strictly positive music and there are a lot of people out there that love to hear clean music…not everyone likes, the vulgar music and negativity. So, I think I can inspire people with kindness and a lot of people love listening to my music. I think that is one of the things that is different about me.”

While the teen has previously released other projects, she hopes that the album will garner her much more traction on a larger stage.

“I want to go places. I want everyone to know my music, hear my music and get inspiration from what I sing,” the young girl said.

She admitted, however, that her journey was not without its challenges but she will continue to work towards bettering herself not only as an artist but also an individual.

She intends to further her studies in Business and advises young people like herself who wish to start a career in music, to believe in themselves.

“If you know you’re good enough if you think to yourself that you’re good enough, don’t doubt yourself. You need to push and get yourself out there regardless of what people say; it is always about what you want… nobody can tell you that you can’t do it,” she said.

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