25-year-old Lindener opens new seafood outlet at Campbellville

A 25-year-old Lindener, Trevis Johnson, is looking to make his mark as an entrepreneur after expanding his brainchild, Superior Seafoods, with a new storefront at Campbellville.

According to a Facebook post from the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Guyana, Superior Seafoods was founded by Johnson in August 2015, after he recognized that there was the need for a reliable source of quality seafood products for commercial use, particularly by companies whose operations are based in remote areas.

“This need has grown with the rapid expansion of offshore activities in Guyana’s booming oil- and-gas sector,” AMCHAM said.

It is for this reason that Superior kinds of seafood endeavors to meet this need by providing a customized mix of quality, local seafood products at the volume and frequency required by each customer.

Both in-store pickup and purchases as well as online ordering and delivery are now available to customers.

The outlet offers fillets of trout, Banga-mary, butterfish, shark, and many other fish, as well as steaks of snapper and trout, prawns, and much more.

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